I am a 23 year old girl, living a fast paced life in cosmopolitan city- one that is endlessly exciting and pops a new awesome thing to do every day! When I was moving to Mumbai (By the way, The Enchanted City this is- often called Mayanagari ), I was told this city holds charm for all kinds of people- the fashionable, the simple, the rich, the modest ,the extremes of people and the shades in between. I really did skip checking if ‘somewhat shy and living in a corner’ was in that list. Soon, shy girl became one who was at the centre of a story of her own and living a life that has a mix of elements of a fun Indian movie (Read: drama, glamour, flowers, beautiful places). And that’s what this city does to you, inspires you to live every day like you’re the protagonist of the best movie ever.

Just like so many of  you, I am a Marylin Monroe fan and relate to her words, “I don’t want to make money, I just want to be wonderful” .  So I quit a job that I loved, to do the things that I LOVE MOST. This blog is about my fashion obsession, travel to places close (to heart) and far (read: exotic!) and the Mumbai  lifestyle.

I think everyone is very beautiful and charming in their own unique way. Fashion is about lending your charm to pretty things you pick up to wear AND feeling fabulous about it!

I have newly discovered a relentless urge to travel and be wondrously lost in new surroundings. I like to associate every place with a color that reflects its personality, greet locals in their language, buy myself their local flowers and my list of new-place-adoring things will go on.. And of course, all this while wearing a chic outfit and heels too high 🙂

I hope readers fravel along!


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Meenakshi Talukdar

Once a student of economics, now a fashion & travel enthusiast. Fravel along with me as I chase magic...

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