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Rose Gold x Miss Chase

Rose Gold x Miss Chase

I’m writing after a while and I’ve missed you guys so much. I really haven’t been MIA from the fashion scenes or A Fravel Movie though. In the past month, I’ve focused on online interactions with the fashion community, styling assignments and most importantly picking out a lovely color paletteΒ for my social media pages (after experimenting with a frenzy of colors for sooo long)..

About 10 Instagram posts later, I realize that a good color scheme is exactly what I needed all along. Everything is coming together beautifully and I love how soothing the colors are to the eyes. Another thing I’ve taught myself over that last few months is to follow a skincare andΒ makeup routine that works for me (and… finally I’ve stopped sleeping with makeup on!). This could mean that I will bombard you with videos of my experiments with beauty products, but just a thought as of now..

I’ve never been one to stick to strict rules dictated by the fashion police as to what can be worn during the day and what should be reserved for night. When styled well, just about anything can be worn at anytime of the day. To me #Mood is far superior to #Rules…Haha !

So when these rose gold shorts arrived from Miss ChaseΒ , I couldn’t wait to wear it and get pictures. Those of you who have been following my blog for sometime (thank youuu, love you.) would know how much I love solid metallics in my outfit (shoe, bag, shorts, accessories… πŸ˜€ ). I am loving these rose gold shorts from Miss Chase, they make such a statement while still being easy on the eyes. I decided to go for a day look and styled these with a plain white top from Mango and a fedora. I also layered up two necklaces (coz where are my long necklaces when I need them?) I would have loved to finish the look with sock-boots, but lets face it, it’s still too humid for it. Later that day, I threw on a denim jacket to funk up the outfit a bit more.

Which style do you like ? Here are the pictures:

Gold shorts . metallic shorts. MIss Chase shorts

Gold shorts . metallic shorts. MIss Chase shorts

Gold shorts . metallic shorts. MIss Chase shorts

Gold shorts . metallic shorts. MIss Chase shorts

Gold shorts . metallic shorts. MIss Chase shorts, denim with gold

Featuring rose gold shorts from Miss Chase. Shop their collection at www.misschase.comΒ 


Things are getting exciting for me, so come back soon for new posts and show me love on Instagram & Bloglovin. Did you guys find my first DIY post useful? If you haven’t already read it, there’s a link to it on the right check it out.


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