Sparkle in my veins

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Sparkle in my veins

Sparkle in my veins



Pink Mango dress, sparkly heels, Aldo shades



I am posting after very long and it really does feel good to be back from hibernation. I have been working on some special stories for the lifestyle section of the blog, but in the meanwhile, my super sparkly, very glittery shoes have arrived. I just had to post about it immediately. I put together a clean, minimalistic look(apart from the shoes- nothing ‘minimalist’ about those!)- I wore my MANGO dress which is in an uncommon, solid color (I dig those!). The lovely neck detail of the dress is what made me pick it up as soon as I lay my eyes on  this dress. The neck of the dress is sort of combination of notch style and a crossover halter- both very fashionable this season. My shades are from ALDO, againnnn. I probably own over half a dozen shades from this brand- they are so chic and reasonably priced. And my shoes! I am pretty sure the sparkle in my veins were actually absorbed through my feet a really long time ago :p This pair is a bundle of joy, love at first sight, and the key to instant happiness. Yes, I love the shoes thaaaat much. No, I couldn’t have described them using fewer adjectives. I got it as a gift and it was picked somewhere in London by the darling who gave them to me. I cannot even remember for how long I have wanted a sparkly pair of sky high heels. Apart from the glitter factor, I love that the heels are pointy- I think that makes the quintessential pair of killer heels! A pair like this, dear readers, you must go looking for. And if you are so lucky that you stumble upon them while taking a casual stroll in a mall; buy them immediately!!


Until next time, keep fravelling ( and maybe get me a gift from somewhere 😀 ).






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